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Keep your entire organisation’s RAMS consistent and high-quality with our risk assessment and method statement platform.

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Built for high-risk work

Everything you need to create and update task and project-specific risk assessments.

Quickly create RAMS that get accepted

Better quality RAMS created in less time, that experience up to 98% lower client rejection rates.

Effortless RAMS creation

An intuitive four-step process that turns an arduous, manual, task into an effective safety management process.

More time for workplace safety

Increased workforce engagement with RAMS delivers health & safety teams 85% more time to focus on making work safer.

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HandsHQ is the most effective way to manage the risk assessment process in high-risk environments.

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Experts in risk assessments, delivering the most effective solution on the market

Collaborate from anywhere

Access HandsHQ in the browser from a tablet, laptop or desktop

Document approval workflow

Build an approval workflow for RAMS that works for your organisation

Digital signatures

Capture evidence that documents have been reviewed and accepted

Automated audit trail

Every change to a document is saved with full version history

Always available

HandsHQ is committed to reliability, with 99.6% uptime or greater

Security is taken seriously

HandsHQ maintains ISO 9001 and 27001 accreditations

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Your RAMS, now with data-driven insights

Unlock real-time insights, drive proactive risk control and enhance compliance with our RAMS analytics dashboard.

Coming in Spring 2024

Over 1500 companies trust HandsHQ to simplify the risk assessment process and drive operational efficiency

4 hours saved per project manager, per week, at BJF Group, freeing up time to focus on the task at hand.

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98% reduction in rejected documents experienced by Silverlife in the first year of using HandsHQ.

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600% increase in workforce creating RAMS at Integral, enabling the business to continually improve and grow.

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Integrate with the software you love

From document and job management platforms to productivity tools, connect HandsHQ to 1000+ cloud-based tools and achieve total process optimisation.
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Neil Miller, RJC
“Now we've got HandsHQ, the quality of our RAMS has improved 100%.”
Neil Miller
QHSE Manager
RJC Mechanical Ltd
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Adam Wright, Event Concept
“Since we've had HandsHQ, getting ISO 45001 was the easiest it's ever been.”
Adam Wright
Operations Director
Event Concept
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