Your RAMS, now with data-driven insights

Unlock real-time insights, drive proactive risk control and enhance compliance with our RAMS analytics dashboard.

Coming in Spring 2024

Trusted by 1,500+ companies, big and small

Trusted by 1,500+ companies, big and small

Unlock the power of data

Proactively minimise risk

Identify high-risk work and know where you’re needed the most

Cut through the noise

Remove guesswork and ensure compliance by keeping track of outstanding actions

Effortless board reports

Support strategic decision-making and transparency by providing valuable insights into EHS

Streamlining risk management & reporting

Real-time visual dashboard

Always stay up-to-date with the current state of your RAMS.

Proactive risk management

Efficiently manage your time by analysing future projects and identifying high risks.

Signature and approval monitoring

No more missed signatures or unapproved projects. Always stay ahead of what requires your attention and what is still pending.

Historical project analysis

Effortlessly analyse your past projects and report to the board.

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Coming in Spring 2024