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“Now we’ve got HandsHQ, the quality of our RAMS has improved 100%.”

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Improvement in quality of the RAMS


RJC was founded in 2018. Since then, the small business has grown rapidly. It now employs 46 people. Neil Miller joined the RJC team in February 2021 as QHSE Manager.

Neil initially worked on achieving ISO certification, then turned his attention to further business process improvements. “Because the business is growing quickly, we need to prevent bad habits, so they don’t become part of our company culture,” says Neil. “I want to instil a culture of health and safety.”

“Keeping people on-site safe all the time is a big passion of mine.”

Neil Miller

QHSE Manager at RJC (Mechanical) Ltd
RJC Mechanical Ltd

Solution: Training Register

Neil had inherited an expensive eLearning service. He switched to the eLearning HandsHQ offers via its training matrix software.

Training Register is a complete solution to control and manage the company’s training requirements, training records and certification. It also has seamless integration with iHASCO eLearning courses.

“HandsHQ is so much better,” Neil says. “It’s much more engaging, and the number of courses available is much better than before. The switch has saved RJC a considerable amount of money.”

RJC input its training matrix in just a couple of weeks. “The usability of the system is brilliant,” reports Neil. “Booking the training is very, very easy. Automated reminders are sent to the delegate and the office, so we know when training is scheduled or about to expire. It’s so user-friendly.”

Solution: HandsHQ RAMS

RJC was already using HandsHQ’s RAMS software to produce RAMS for major project work. However, the team supplemented this with an Excel spreadsheet for smaller jobs.

“I upgraded to a RAMS enterprise licence so we could use HandsHQ for everything... Our RAMS now look much more professional, and all the information is easily readable.”

Neil Miller

QHSE Manager at RJC (Mechanical) Ltd
RJC Mechanical Ltd

Neil recalls, “It wasn’t great to rely on an Excel spreadsheet. The sheet had to be printed so everyone could sign it before they went onsite. It would only print onto A3, and even then, a lot of the writing was very small. We didn’t always get copies back. We couldn’t be sure all the staff had read and understood the RAMS.”

Neil recognised that it would be better to use HandsHQ for all RJC’s RAMS. “I upgraded to an enterprise licence so we could use HandsHQ for everything – even daily work, like changing a lightbulb on an MoD site,” says Neil. “Upgrading would give us more flexibility and control thanks to the enhanced customisability.”

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RJC has streamlined all its training and certification administration with HandsHQ. Expired certifications are no longer missed. The creation of RAMS has also been significantly streamlined.

“Keeping people safe all the time is a big passion of mine,” says Neil. “I am already seeing a time saving when creating the RAMS. The quality is probably the main advantage. Our RAMS now look much more professional, and all the information is easily readable.” RJC made their RAMS much more concise - reducing the number of pages from 179 to just 16.

Ensuring staff have read and understood the RAMS is much more streamlined now, too. Staff can view all relevant documentation on their mobile phone. Their acceptance is recorded electronically.

Neil plans to build on the improvements already achieved. RJC trade managers will be given access to HandsHQ to write the sections that pertain to their work. Neil will then take on a review and approval role. This will further improve the quality of RJC’s RAMS.

Neil states, “The feedback we’ve already had from clients is they love our new RAMS. That’s always great to hear. I think it will only get better.”

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RJC Mechanical & Electrical is a building services contractor based in Fareham, England. RJC has earned an outstanding reputation within the mechanical engineering industry for its reliability, expertise and delivery.

Much of their work is delivered for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), but the company provides various services to the industrial, defence and commercial sectors.

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