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Live demo: Training Register 11th November 2021

Say goodbye to the dreaded Excel training matrix, and hello to the HandsHQ Training Register.


Live demo 3rd November: Create better RAMS in less time

Covid-19 has increased the importance of risk assessments, whilst making it more difficult to stay connected to your team.


nmcn chooses HandsHQ to digitise RAMS process

nmcn, a leading civil engineering and infrastructure company, is implementing HandsHQ to digitise RAMS and further reduce risk.


HandsHQ + iHASCO: Bringing eLearning to Training Register

We’re partnering with iHASCO to add eLearning to Training Register. Automatically enrol your team in training, update records and upload certificates!


We’re changing how you email RAMS in HandsHQ

Photos and training certificates make file sizes larger and more difficult to email. We're fixing that.


On Demand Lunch-and-Learn webinar series: How has Covid accelerated digitalisation in construction and health & safety?

Join our lunch & learn webinar series to talk about How Covid has accelerated digitalisation in construction. You can use these Webinars as CPD entries.


Introducing HandsHQ’s integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Teams and more

Introducing HANDS HQ’s integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Teams and more


Create Covid-secure pictorial RAMS with our new image library

Make your workplace Covid-secure with HandsHQ's new Covid precautions image library


Introducing pictorial RAMS with HandsHQ

Add images to your risk assessments to improve understanding and engagement


Signing in the new world - the case for digital signatures

Digital signatures have been around for some time. But in the world of construction, it’s taken a global pandemic to embrace digitalisation.


Buying SaaS - Do you use VRIO analysis?

VRIO analysis