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No commitment, 30 min demo
  • 100 personnel included
  • Reporting
  • 10 users included
  • iHasco eLearning
  • Team manager view


Custom pricing

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No commitment, 30 min demo
Get a demo
No commitment, 30 min demo
  • 400 personnel included
  • Everything from Standard
  • 40 users included
  • Multiple roles
  • Custom eLearning
  • Divisions and teams
  • Custom expiry notifications
  • Line manager view


Custom pricing

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No commitment, 30 min demo
Get a demo
No commitment, 30 min demo
  • 1400 personnel included
  • Everything from Business
  • 140 users included
  • API
  • Enforce SSO
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Say goodbye to hours of admin by automating your eLearning management

  • Effortlessly enrol your team on eLearning courses
  • Records and certificates are automatically updated
eLearning options:
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Choose from our integrated library of over 150+ high quality iHasco courses

Custom eLearning

Upload eLearning from other providers, including your own inductions and how-to guides

Trusted by 1,500+ companies, big and small

Trusted by 1,500+ companies, big and small

Feature comparison

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Get a demo
Get a demo
Personnel are your employees or subcontractors you are tracking training for.
100 personnel included
400 personnel included
1400 personnel included
Add anyone in your business to Training Register so they can view or manage training records.  Access controls allow you to decide who can do what.
Up to 10 users
Up to 40 users
Up to 140 users
Custom RAMS
Concierge data migration
We do the heavy lifting for you - configuring and migrating your training data into your account.
Training needs analysis
Map the training requirements of every employee, making it easy to identify and resolve missing or expired training. Quickly identify employees who need training and what courses are required.
Track subcontractors
Switch between your employees and subcontractors with a set of easy-to-use filters.
Support personnel with multiple roles
Add multiple roles to a single personnel and track training for each position.
Set required and optional training
Indicate which training is required or optional.
Custom course library
Take full advantage of the list of the most popular courses pre-created in your account.
Custom course expiry dates
Decide how far in advance you want to be notified about an upcoming expiration of a course.
Custom RAMS
Multiple divisions
Reflect your business setup by separating personnel by division.
1 division
Up to 3 divisions
Custom divisions
Multiple teams
Break down your personnel into teams within divisions.
Up to 5 teams
Custom teams
Custom teams
Flexible user permissions
Take control by choosing between a read-only, edit or hybrid user permissions.
Line manager view
Line managers can view training of their direct reports.
Team manager view
Give your team managers access to view only their team's training.
Personnel profile access
Whether in the office or on-site, personnel can quickly access their training records and certificates.
Email reminders
Receive email notifications before training expires to  plan and carry out refresher courses effectively.
Historical training
Keep track of your past records. Archive personnel you no longer need with an opportunity to instantly bring all their information back when you need it.
Book training
Record booking your training in a few steps. Don’t worry about missing something; we’ll also let you know if any action is needed from you.
iHasco eLearning
Deliver eLearning by accessing 150+ high-quality courses from iHasco. Expiry dates and certificates are automatically updated.
Custom eLearning
Enrol personnel onto courses from different providers, including internal training created by you. Expiry dates and certificates are automatically updated in the system.
Integrate Training Register with other HR and job management software you use such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.
Integration with RAMS
Integrate RAMS with Training Register to pull through training and competency records to your projects.
Custom RAMS
Cloud access to training records and evidence
Training records, evidence, and training needs analysis are all kept together.
Training matrix
Download all of your training records in the form of a single Excel spreadsheet for reporting purposes.
Estimate training costs and analyse future training needs.
Download individual training reports
Download individual training reports, cards and certificates for your personnel to stay compliant.
Audit trail
Keep track of all the changes made to the records in the activity log.
Custom RAMS
Single sign-on
HandsHQ supports Single Sign-On via Okta and Azure Active Directory.
Enforced single sign-on
Ensure all users are authenticated only through the selected identity provider (Azure Active Directory and Okta).
Two factor authentication
Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security, requiring both a password and a second verification method.
Encryption in transit
All browser connections and communication are encrypted and transmitted over TLS (formerly known as SSL). Our servers only support 128- or 256-bit cipher suites over TLS 1.1 or higher, protecting against unauthorised disclosure, modification, and replay attacks.
Encryption at rest
Our policy is to only select cloud partners that encrypt all physical media on which customer data resides, including database and backups. In the unlikely event of a physical breach of underlying infrastructure (i.e., if someone broke into the data centre and removed the disk drives), your data would be protected.
Penetration testing
Our production environment undergoes penetration testing bi-annually, using industry standard tools to replicate hacking attacks.
Vulnerabilities testing
We use a number of tools to proactively identify known security vulnerabilities. Our policy is to resolve critical vulnerabilities within 72 hours.
Software development life cycle (SDLC)
HandsHQ products are designed with security that aims to meet OWASP standards for web applications. At least annually, engineers participate in web application security training covering OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks.

Onboarding and premium services

Your organisation is unique, and so are your needs. We will guide you every step of the way and do the heavy lifting for you - all in collaboration with you and your team.

You're in good company

We can ensure that each person in each role has the right training.

Training Register brings clarity and confidence where before we had confusion.

HandsHQ integration with iHasco is phenomenal. We’re never non-compliant.

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Leading the way in security

In addition to data encryption in transit and at rest, we operate comprehensive compliance and assurance programmes.

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