Training Register

Ensure your team always has the right training for the job

Training Register dashboard

Track company training in one place

Effortlessly manage the complex training requirements associated with high-risk work. Record personnel’s training with expiry dates, and attach evidence.

Stay on top of expiring training

Receive email notifications before training expires to effectively plan and carry out refresher courses.

Identify training requirements and skills gaps

Map the training requirements of every employee, making it easy to identify and resolve missing or expired training.

Never send personnel to a job without the necessary training

When you add personnel to a project, you'll be alerted if they have missing, expiring or expired training.

Access training records and certificates on the go

Whether in the office or on-site, managers and personnel can quickly access training records and certificates.

Automated reports to keep everyone informed

Weekly email reports give an overview of the status of training across your personnel, to flag up anything expiring before it becomes an issue.

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