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October 9, 2023

November 6, 2020

Customer Success Manager

If a picture can paint a thousand words, why do we try to explain safety measures with complicated jargon and acronyms most of us do not understand?

Within construction and other high-risk industries, following a safe system of work is paramount. Communicating safety information visually through photos and illustrations speaks instantly and clearly to your workforce, and helps cross language barriers. In fact, using visuals to explain a task can help decrease task errors by 80%.

With this in mind, we are proud to announce our latest feature; adding images to the sequence of operations. Sometimes referred to as a sequence of work or tasks, this part of a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) document is like a recipe book for how to complete a task. Being able to complement this with a visual aid, such as an illustration, will help with correct task completion and retention, making it more accessible for everyone.

HSE example using visuals to explain safe use of a ladder

Instant and professional formatting

The days of painful formatting of images in Word are behind us; with HandsHQ, images are easily attached to the correct section. As it is automatically formatted for you, the result is a professional-looking document, with none of the effort. No more mess with one picture ruining a document that you spent hours creating; all you need to do is attach the image, set the size, write a caption, and we do the rest! This lets you spend less time on formatting, and more time actually ensuring your workforce stays safe, and knowing they are more likely to understand how to do so.

Stay Covid-secure with our latest update

To help our clients during the pandemic, our H&S and design teams have created a special Covid-secure sequence of operations with accompanying illustrations, to keep you and your workforce safe. Visualising your control measures will ensure they are understood across the entire business.

The feature has been turned on for all our clients today, meaning it is available to everyone across all plans. Next time you create a project, you’ll notice an “Add images” button for each sub-task within a sequence. To find out more, please visit our knowledge base.

Who is HandsHQ?

A leader in digital transformation of the health & safety world, we want to change the perception of RAMS being an awkward and messy process. With solutions for everyone from self-employed contractors to multinational enterprises, HandsHQ makes professional and consistent documents within a user-friendly system you can access anywhere, any time.

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