New: Add review dates to your RAMS

October 9, 2023

August 24, 2022

Product Manager

Project review dates were created with long-term and scheduled jobs in mind. As clients often want to see RAMS reviewed on a quarterly, bi-annual or yearly basis for long projects and recurring contracts, we have now made it easier to see the review status of your documents and send relevant reminders, all in one place.

The feature is available on all enterprise plans. Learn how to add it to your account here.

Easily set the next review date and add a reviewer

Once you have created or edited a project, you can set up the next review date for your document and also assign a reviewer - a person who will be notified via email when it's time to review RAMS.

Stay on top of the status of all your documents

Once your review has been scheduled, a RAG (red/amber/green) status will be shown on the project dashboard and the project overview.

  • Green: The review is not due yet.
  • Amber: The review is expected soon. The reminder email(s) have been sent to the assigned reviewer.
  • Red: The review is overdue.

Never miss another review date

There is no need to create calendar reminders or to-do lists to review your RAMS anymore. Email notifications are sent to the assigned reviewer before the due date to ensure you don't miss another review. In addition, if the review hasn't been completed before the due date, an overdue email is resent every two weeks until the review is done.

Track all review activity for better transparency

Finally, after a review is completed, it is shown in the activity tab for a full audit trail. This includes who conducted the review and the reason for editing.

We are always looking to get your feedback about our product, so please reach out to us via Intercom and let us know what’s working well and what isn’t.

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