We’re changing how you email RAMS in HandsHQ

October 9, 2023


RAMS with photos attached, and training reports with certificates included can result in large files that are difficult to email.

Some customers find the 10MB attachment limit imposed by many external email providers too small to send their documents. To get around the email attachment size limit, we’re introducing a new way to email documents within HandsHQ.

Note: You’ll still be able to download a PDF and email directly, if you prefer.

Sending a document

The email screen will look familiar, but we’ve made a few improvements.

You can now choose recipients from an address book of contacts who have previously been emailed this project.

If you’re a Training Register customer, great news! You no longer need to download and email training reports separately. Simply select Training report and choose to include evidence (certificates, ID cards etc) if required. 

What the recipient sees

The recipients will no longer receive the documents as an attachment. Instead, the email they receive will contain a button to download the documents.

When the recipient clicks the button, they’ll be taken to a screen from which they can download the documents, using their browser. This means there are no limits to the size of the documents.

Custom branding

For customers on our Enterprise plans, there is the option to customise the design of the download page to match your branding.

See who’s opened your email

We’re also introducing ‘email read’ receipts. You’ll be able to see who has received, and who has opened your email. You’ll also see if emails ‘bounce’ if the email address is incorrect.

This is available to customers on our Pro plan and above.

You can also revoke a download link, so that document can no longer be downloaded. 

When does this go live?

We are rolling this new feature out to all customers in March 2021.

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