Introducing HandsHQ’s integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Teams and more

April 12, 2024

February 4, 2020


Most businesses now use a number of different applications to keep their operations running. Many of our customers use MS SharePoint for document management, MS Teams for chat, HandsHQ for RAMS, iAuditor for auditing, Xero for accounting… the list goes on and on.

Not all of these applications need to work together, but wouldn’t life be easier if you could automate some tasks, like adding RAMS created on HandsHQ to SharePoint?

Well now you can make that happen. We’ve launched our API, which allows integration between HandsHQ and thousands of other applications, via Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) and Zapier.

What you can automate with HandsHQ

Send completed RAMS to SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and many more

When a RAMS is either completed, updated or digitally signed, the most recent PDF can be sent to your document management software of choice, automatically.

Create a new RAMS in HandsHQ

When a new job is created in your job management software, you can automate the creation of blank RAMS populated with the job details such as the job name, the dates of the work and where the work is taking place.

What our customers are saying

“At Pod Point, we undertake a high volume of projects, and Zapier enables us to integrate HandsHQ with our job management system. This means we can create projects in HandsHQ and pre-fill key information including site addresses and date, saving our team at least 10 mins per project.

Additionally,  the integration allows us to report on RAMS completion within the job management system, automatically saving a copy of the RAMS pdf, so we can ensure compliance for every project.”
Kostas Papadakis
Head of Operations Projects & Planning
Pod Point

Ready to automate?

Integrations are available to our Enterprise customers. Get in touch with your account manager to find out more.

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