[On Demand] Live Demo: Manage your employees’ training without a complex spreadsheet

May 22, 2024

February 19, 2023

Marketing Director

HandsHQ has a complete solution to control and manage your team’s training requirements and certifications.

Managing your team's training often takes hours when using Excel spreadsheets. Only to realise some training certifications have expired, or the reminders haven't been sent out.

In the video, you will learn how to use HandsHQ training Register to:

  • Stay on track of employees’ training by receiving automated email updates of expiring training
  • Keep all your training records and evidence in one place - access them from anywhere
  • Ensure compliance by generating training reports at the click of a button - no one is sent to site without the right training
  • Integrate your training matrix with our RAMS product to pull through training records for your projects. 
  • Seamlessly enrol your team in eLearning & keep your team’s eLearning always up-to-date. Enrol someone on a course, check their progress and send reminders. All your training, in one place.

“HandsHQ’s Training Register software is so much better! I can see everything all in one place.”

Joy Dean, Training and Resources Manager at Energi Cable Services

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