HandsHQ's 2022 wrap up

October 9, 2023

December 20, 2022

Product Manager

As we kick off 2023 and look back on the past year, we are very happy to share the latest product updates with you.

SAML Single sign-on (coming soon)

We know password management is a source of frustration, as well as a security threat for many businesses. That’s why we decided to introduce SAML Single Sign-On (SSO), allowing users to access HandsHQ securely with existing SSO credentials.

HandsHQ supports Single Sign-On via Okta and Azure Active Directory.

This feature will be available on Enterprise plans at the beginning of 2023.

Additional functionality for RAMS API

Many customers are already saving hours by integrating HandsHQ with other software. We provided a few ideas about what processes you can automate in our previous blog post. Since then, we have made this even more flexible to better cater for your needs. With the latest update to our API, you are now also able to:

  • Add and remove personnel from an existing project;
  • Be notified when the document is fully signed;
  • Archive projects when you no longer need them.
If you are interested in using the RAMS API, please contact our Customer Success team at

Custom expiry reminders for courses

Earlier this year, we released custom expiry reminders in Training Register. This enables you to decide how far in advance you want to be notified about an upcoming expiration of a course.

To use this feature, you need to have an active Training Register subscription.

New eLearning courses in Training register

As you might know, last year we launched an iHASCO eLearning integration that allows our users to take over 150 high-quality courses within a few clicks. Since then, we’ve added several new courses to our library:

  • Hot work training;
  • Disability awareness and inclusion;
  • Project Management essentials;
  • Managing change training: for managers;
  • Introduction to leadership.
If you are interested in using eLearning, please contact our Customer Success team at

What else have we launched in 2022?

We’ve had a lot of product updates that went live this year, some of our favourite ones were:

  • eLearning integration;
  • Training Register API;
  • Project review dates.

Find out more in our previous blog posts.

What’s coming soon?

We have some very exciting product updates planned for the upcoming year, and you can check them out on our public roadmap. We are constantly looking for your feedback to ensure we are building the best products. Please keep proposing your ideas to our roadmap and voting for the features you’d like us to prioritise.

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