HandsHQ + iHASCO: Bringing eLearning to Training Register

October 9, 2023

June 30, 2021


We’re partnering with iHASCO to add eLearning to Training Register. Automatically enrol your team in training, update records and upload certificates!

In early 2020, we launched Training Register to replace the massive Excel training matrix our customers use, and take a smarter approach to training management.

The response from our customers has been overwhelming, and we’re hearing things like:

“We had been using HandsHQ for creating RAMS for some time and were very happy with it, so we decided to add Training Register to our package.
It’s been a great addition and having the reminders of training expiring has helped us keep on top of our staff training, it was an area we were previously not keeping on top of.”
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But our work is never finished. We’re constantly working on new improvements and features, and we’re excited to announce our biggest Training Register feature yet; eLearning integration!

About our eLearning partner

We’re partnering with iHASCO, one of the UK’s leading eLearning providers, to create a seamless training experience for our customers.

iHASCO has over 100 excellent quality courses (we use iHASCO ourselves!), covering a broad range of health & safety topics and more.

How it works

Our integration will mean when training expires for your personnel, you can enrol them in the eLearning course instantly. When the training is complete, the personnel record is automatically updated with the new expiry date and the new certificate uploaded. Seamlessly.

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