Transitioning from Excel to training matrix software: Why it's time for an upgrade

December 7, 2023

April 11, 2023


Employee training and compliance are vital in high-risk industries. Companies often use Excel for their training matrix, leading to inefficiencies and non-compliance. This blog explores the challenges of Excel and the benefits of switching to purpose-built training matrix software like HandsHQ’s Training Register.

The limitations of Excel for training matrix management

While Excel can be a useful tool for basic data management, it has several drawbacks when it comes to managing training matrices:

Manual data entry: Entering and updating training data in Excel is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to inaccuracies in records.

Version control issues: Multiple users accessing and editing the same spreadsheet can lead to conflicting information and loss of important data.

Difficulty tracking expiry dates: Without automated reminders, tracking the expiry dates of training certifications can become a tedious manual process, increasing the risk of non-compliance.

These challenges can result in inefficiencies and difficulty maintaining compliance, prompting the need for a more robust solution.

The benefits of purpose-built training matrix software

Switching to a purpose-built training matrix software such as HandsHQ’s Training Register offers several advantages over using Excel:

Centralised platform: Having all training records, evidence, and training needs analysis in one place simplifies management and increases efficiency.

Automated reminders: The software sends reminders and notifications for upcoming training expiry dates, allowing for proactive scheduling of refresher courses.

Enhanced compliance: The software makes it easier to maintain compliance and pass audits with well-organised records and streamlined reporting.

Integrations with eLearning and 3rd party software

HandsHQ’s Training Register offers additional benefits through integration with eLearning and HR/job management software.

The eLearning integration allows for seamless enrolment in courses and automatic updating of training records, saving time and improving training management.

The transition process: From Excel to training matrix software

Transitioning from Excel to a purpose-built training matrix software involves several steps:

Data migration: Export your existing Excel-based training data and import it into the new software, ensuring accuracy and completeness. 

Employee onboarding: Train your team on using the new software, providing resources and support to ensure a smooth transition.

Address resistance to change: Acknowledge any concerns from employees about the change, and demonstrate the benefits and efficiencies gained through the new software.

HandsHQ’s customer success team can help with every step, ensuring a successful transition.

Success stories: Companies making the switch

Many companies in high-risk industries have successfully transitioned from Excel to HandsHQ’s training matrix software, experiencing significant improvements in their training management, compliance, and overall operations. 

Energi Cable Services made the switch and never looked back. “HandsHQ’s Training Register software is so much better! I can see everything all in one place” Joy Dean, Training and Resources Manager tells us.

RJC Mechanical also transitioned to HandsHQ. “The usability of the system is brilliant,” reports Neil Miller, QHSE Manager at RJC.

“Booking the training is very, very easy. Automated reminders are sent to the delegate and the office, so we know when training is scheduled or about to expire. It’s so user-friendly.”


Upgrading from Excel to a purpose-built training matrix software offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, improved compliance, and better overall management of employee training. If your organisation is still relying on spreadsheets for managing your training matrix, it's time to explore the advantages of a modern solution. To learn more about our training matrix software and how it can help your business, sign up for a free trial today.

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