Latest product updates: Training Register API, CPD membership and more

October 9, 2023

May 25, 2022

Product Manager

The beginning of 2022 has been a very busy time for the HandsHQ team and we are very excited to share the latest product updates with you!

What we’ve done recently

Training Register API

We launched Training Register API to help you easily integrate Training Register with a third party software via Zapier, PowerAutomate and OpenAPI. Now you can:

  • Sync personnel records in other systems (Salesforce,, Microsoft Dynamics and many others) with Training Register when adding or updating them;
  • Sync training status of personnel so that you can easily tell if are they qualified to be enrolled onto an upcoming job.
If you are interested in using TR API, please contact our Customer Success team at

Training matrix download

We introduced more flexibility to the training matrix download so that you can select the data you want to export in a few clicks:

  • Download the training matrix for both primary and secondary divisions;
  • Choose to include either employees, subcontractors, or both.
In order to use this feature, you need to have an active Training Register subscription.

CPD membership

HandsHQ is now a CPD Member, meaning we can include the CPD logo on eLearning certificates.

What’s coming soon?

In the upcoming months we are looking to introduce an amazing set of features for both our products - RAMS and Training Register: Set project review dates, improved RAMS API, single sign-on, and profile photos for personnel and users.

We believe in a world where everybody gets to go home safely at the end of the working day and we are committed to doing our best to bring this vision into life together with you - our customers and partners. We are constantly looking for your feedback to make sure we are building the best products. Please keep proposing your ideas to our roadmap and voting for the features you’d like us to prioritise.

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