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Wave goodbye to Word templates and lost documents, and say hello to the only cloud-based risk assessment platform built specifically for the demands of heavy industries.

Easy to use: Create better RAMS in less time, anywhere and on any device, without the need for training or technical expertise.

Extensive content library: Create RAMS using the HandsHQ library of risk assessments, which covers all specialist contractor activities including electrical, plumbing, HVAC and more.

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Professional, specific documents: Task-specific, professional and consistent documents that enhance your reputation and reduce rejection rate.

Training Register

Training Register ensures your team always has the right training for the job

Effortlessly manage the complex training requirements associated with high risk work by keeping track of your company’s training in one place.

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Calculate the hidden cost of RAMS to your business

Bad RAMS have an enormous hidden cost, taking too long to create and being rejected the majority of the time. Find out how much this is costing your business.

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“We’ve reduced the time taken to produce RAMS by 50% while increasing the quality enormously”
Alison Connick
National Director of HSE Integral
“We have very low accident rates, and HandsHQ is the cornerstone of this”
Guy Goodall
Director of Operations Polyteck Group

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