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"I don’t like to think about how long the work would take me without HandsHQ.”

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Verus Group have been using HandsHQ since the business’ very early days after the business was founded in 2018.

“I was freshly trained in NEBOSH,” says Dominique Thistleton, a Director at Verus Group. “So I was very aware of how important good, bespoke RAMS are.”

Finding digital solutions is an important principle for Verus Group. Its directors recognise that having electronic records is vital for ensuring information is accessible to those who need it and, especially, for sending RAMS to everyone digitally. At the same time, the team didn’t want to rely on Word documents – they understood the perils of version control and copy and paste.

Happily, the Verus team was already familiar with HandsHQ from its previous experience in the industry. Dominique recalls, “As soon as we started needing to do RAMS – which was pretty much the first project we did – we went straight to HandsHQ.”


As a forward-thinking and proactive business, Verus Group opted to digitalise their RAMS from the get go. Capitalising on the flexible licencing offered by HandsHQ, Verus Group initially started with a great-value, basic subscription – upgrading as the business grew and requirements became more complex.

"I especially like the feature which allows digital signatures - it makes it so easy to get RAMS signed off by the appropriate teams and contractors.”

Dominique Thistleton

Verus Group

Dominique says, “HandsHQ makes it quick and easy to produce RAMS. I like the way HandsHQ gives us the ability to easily tailor RAMS to specific tasks and locations.”

Having grown as a company and requiring more features to continue streamlining the RAMS process, Verus upgraded to a more comprehensive package in 2022. Dominique and her team were thrilled with the additional features; “I especially like the feature which allows digital signatures - it makes it so easy to get RAMS signed off by the appropriate teams and contractors. It is a great fit for our team.”


Verus Group uses HandsHQ to keep its staff and contractors safe onsite. In addition to helping to keep people safe, the time and cost savings from utilising HandsHQ are some of the biggest advantages for Dominique.

As a director in a small business, Dominique wears many hats. “If I had to spend longer on the RAMS, I would have less time to do other things,” she says. “I don’t like to imagine how long it would take me to do the RAMS without HandsHQ! We’d likely have to take on an extra person to help me – so in reality, HandsHQ is potentially saving us an annual wage.”

"I like everything about HandsHQ. It’s an invaluable piece of time-saving software.”

Dominique Thistleton

Verus Group

The other big advantage of using HandsHQ to produce RAMS is how it simplifies the audit process. Verus Group is accredited with BM Trada, Constructionline Gold, SMAS Worksafe and Alcumus Safe Contractor.

Dominique says, “If an auditor asks for an example of our risk assessments, I can download them and send them off immediately – it’s all there in our HandsHQ dashboard. It’s saved me heaps of time.”

“I like everything about HandsHQ,” she concludes. “It’s an invaluable piece of time- saving software. It’s fully adaptable for everything you could possibly need for creating RAMS, and the ability to create and save templates for future use is really handy.”

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Verus Group is a trusted, experienced and accredited passive fire protection company, with headquarters in Buckinghamshire, UK. It strives towards creating a safer living and working environment for its clients through the surveying, installation and maintenance of fire stopping & fire doors.

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