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Adcock introduces HandsHQ to bring greater uniformity to its RAMS documentation

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Adcock was using Word and Excel documents as the basis of its risk assessment method statements (RAMS). This resulted in a high variation in the quality of output and a lack of uniformity. Furthermore, the production of RAMS was time consuming and expensive.

Bob Wright, SHEQ Manager at Adcock, knew there had to be a better way. He explains, “As we expanded our business and especially as we went into the major construction groups, we needed to ensure quality documentation, especially around revision numbers and versioning.”


Bob began looking at a variety of solutions, trialling a number of different software applications. He recalls, “The HandsHQ software performed better in the trials we ran. It gave us the confidence that we would be producing documentation of the quality we wanted when the work was client-facing. We liked the professionalism and the presentation of the documents.”

“The HandsHQ team was more client-focused, as well. They engaged with us more than the other vendors. It gave us that comfort blanket we needed. We knew we’d be well looked after."

“ It ensures the RAMS are more focused and relevant to the individual jobs.”

Bob Wright

SHEQ Manager

Adcock began using HandsHQ to produce RAMS for its customers in 2019. While Bob initially set up the information in the system, it is now widely used by the contract engineers and service managers across the business who produce RAMS. It is in use across all of Adcock’s eleven branches.


Across the eleven branches, engineers and managers produce Risk Assessments and Method Statements for clients, tenders and bids on a daily basis. Bob estimates that the total number produced ranges from between 50 to 200 per week.

“From a branch perspective, it’s certainly a time-saver,” Bob says. “It also ensures theRAMS are more focused and relevant to the individual jobs.”

The introduction of HandsHQ’s RAMS software has saved the business considerably in terms of administrative effort. Instead of the eleven administrators working on RAMS documentation for the branches, only three are now required for this work. This represents a FTE saving of 67 percent.

Bob reports, “HandsHQ was embraced by our workforce very quickly because it is so easy to use. It’s particularly easy to edit down or beef up the RAMS according to what’s required for the work. At the same time, we know that the quality of documentation will be high. We’ve had very positive feedback from our clients. They are pleased with the way we now present the RAMS information.”

Adcock is pleased with the way its use of HandsHQ is helping to drive up quality. Bob says, “For us, the most useful feature of HandsHQ is the fluidity – to be able to make revisions as and when you need and have that recorded in the document. That sits well with the BIM model and the requirements of CDM and the management of health and safety regulations. It ties in particularly well with our quality management system.”

“ By managing our RAMS in HandsHQ, we’re meeting and exceeding industry standards and driving best practices in the industry.”

Bob Wright

SHEQ Manager

Furthermore, the new digital documents can be worked on by the staff in the field. By updating the RAMS via their mobile phone, authorised personnel ensure the records are kept up to date. Everything is recorded centrally and can be easily shared with clients.

“By managing our RAMS in HandsHQ, we’re meeting and exceeding industry standards and driving best practices in the industry,” says Bob. “HandsHQ plays a big part in reducing workplace hazards and the risks associated with them.”

“The level of customer service we receive from HandsHQ is superb,” Bob continues. “Issues are few and far between but they are always dealt with very quickly, with immediate feedback. I like the help guides in the portal and the webchat. The software is very reliable, it gives us a comfort factor when communicating with our clients.”

The business could not be happier with its choice of RAMS software. Bob says, “HandsHQ looks good for our engineers – it’s very intuitive and so easy to use. And it looks good for our clients – who love the way we now present our RAMS.”

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