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Create better RAMS in less time, anywhere and on any device, without the need for training or technical expertise. Our Customer success team will onboard and assist you from day one if you have any questions or need any support.

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Use the HandsHQ library of risk assessments, which covers all specialist contractor activities including electrical, plumbing, HVAC and more.

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Try HandsHQ for free for 14 days

Try HandsHQ for free for 14 days

RAMS Best Practice with HandsHQ

Addressing the RAMS Problem

Risk assessments and method statements are vital in ensuring the safety of employees and contractors in any high-risk workplace, such as construction, facilities management, HVAC and M&E. Risk assessments and method statements, or RAMS documents, identify potential hazards, define mitigation measures, and provide step-by-step guidelines for safely carrying out tasks.

Historically, across many industries, RAMS have been created using Microsoft Word or Excel and generally consists of four repetitive tasks – copying, pasting, amending, and reformatting to make documents presentable. The manual nature of creating RAMS in this way means RAMS documents are prone to mistakes, including spelling, grammar, data entry, copying incorrect site details, or outdated hazards and control measures. Checking and double-checking every detail, rectifying any errors, and attending to formatting issues are time intensive. Failing to funnel the time into addressing these issues can result in unprofessional-looking pieces of work, which is unhelpful for both trying to win more contracts and general brand image. 

Even enterprise companies with management systems and processes in place regularly wrestle with consistency and version control issues, investing far more time into the creation of RAMS, when they could be funnelling this time into higher-value strategic activities, or bidding for more tenders. Beyond the initial paperwork-heavy process of creating a single RAMS document, organisations then need to distribute the documents for sign-off to the appropriate people, creating a host of other issues - such as wasting time scrolling through hundreds of versions or checking messy email threads to find if the appropriate people have signed the appropriate documents. This problem is exacerbated when RAMS documents are updated in line with site or any other changes, and inhibits the ability of businesses in high-risk work industries to adapt to change quickly. 

Clearly, these outdated approaches ‘get the job done’ - but are they really what we could call RAMS best practice?

RAMS Best Practice

Defining an organisation's best practice for RAMS is vital in promoting a safe working environment within the construction and other industries where health and safety are paramount. So what exactly is RAMS best practice?

If you’ve found this page, you’ll already know - in high-risk work, a RAMS document should be in place. Here are some of our best practice tips in relation to RAMS:

  • Structure your control measures in the risk assessment to your hierarchy of control
  • Question whether you have truly captured all types of persons that may be at risk from the task you are about to perform
  • Make sure you prepare a detailed guide on how to perform the task safely, covering every step in the process
  • Ensure all people involved in the task have access to the RAMS document and ask for their opinion, taking a truly consultative approach to RAMS
  • Treat the RAMS document as a live working document, and update it as soon as any significant change has been identified

Benefits of embracing RAMS best practices include:

  • Enhanced Safety: By following RAMS best practices, you prioritise the safety of your workforce. Identifying and mitigating potential risks leads to a safer working environment, reducing accidents and injuries.
  • Legal Compliance: Striving for RAMS best practices shows a commitment to not only achieve legal compliance, but strive for excellence. This safeguards your business from potential legal issues, penalties, and reputational damage.
  • Operational Efficiency: RAMS best practices streamline workflows by promoting systematic risk assessments and method statements. This efficiency minimises downtime, optimises resource allocation, and enhances project timelines.
  • Risk Management: Implementing RAMS best practices empowers you to manage risks holistically. You mitigate potential disruptions and financial losses by identifying hazards and developing tailored strategies.
  • Client Confidence: Commitment to RAMS best practices showcases your dedication to safety excellence . This fosters trust among clients and partners, differentiating you in competitive markets and potentially leading to increased opportunities.
  • Cost Savings: RAMS best practices prevent accidents, reducing associated costs like medical expenses, legal fees, and insurance premiums. Operational efficiencies also contribute to financial savings.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrating a strong adherence to RAMS best practices enhances your reputation as a responsible and dependable enterprise. This positive image can attract both clients and skilled professionals.
  • Innovation: Following RAMS best practices encourages continuous improvement. Evaluating and adapting your processes keeps your company up-to-date with the latest safety and industry standards. For those ISO certified, RAMS best practice can be used as evidence in your audits that you are continuously improving safe systems of work

Sustainable Growth: RAMS best practices are pivotal in ensuring your business's long-term sustainability. You lay the foundation for your operations’ success by mitigating risks and maintaining a secure workplace.

The RAMS Solution 

It’s clear using Word and Excel probably doesn’t align with what most organisations would consider RAMS best practice. So what does align with these expectations? 

As with so many common issues in 2023, one of the most effective solutions to the RAMS best practice problem is digitalisation. 

The growth of RAMS apps in the last decade has been significant, and one of the answers to the question ‘What is RAMS best practice?’ is RAMS software - specifically the market-leading solution from HandsHQ. 

HandsHQ provides users with a dedicated platform engineered specifically for creating comprehensive RAMS documents, without compromising on quality, and always adhering to industry standards. HandsHQ’s RAMS software allows users to create better RAMS in less time. Unlike generic tools such as Word or Excel, which are inefficient when dealing with the detailed nature and complex nuances of RAMS documentation, HandsHQ's software is purpose-built for this very task.

In stark contrast to the traditional approaches, HandsHQ offers numerous advantages that make it the ideal choice for RAMS in high-risk work. By utilising HandsHQ, health and safety professionals can ensure they are adhering to regulatory requirements whilst maximising efficiency in managing their RAMS documentation. With the tools on offer from HandsHQ, organisations can focus on delivering successful projects without compromising on the health, safety and well-being of their workforce or risking litigation.

HandsHQ's RAMS software support compliance while optimising workplace safety. Removing the labour-intensive paper organisations to focus on successful project execution, safeguarding their workforce, and warding off compliance penalties.

The emergence of RAMS software has revolutionised the risk assessment and method statement process in the UK, providing a comprehensive means for organisations undertaking high-risk work. HandsHQ's RAMS software offers significant advantages: streamlined workflows, seamless collaboration, and an extensive risk and COSHH library, HandsHQ eclipses traditional documentation practices. The software's user-friendly interface and innovative tools surmount Word or Excel's limitations, catering even to the less tech-savvy.

Are Risk Assessments a Legal Mandate?

RAMS documents outline how hazardous tasks or operations will be conducted safely – from risk identification to mitigation strategies, so the necessity is clear. However, this naturally leads to another query: are RAMS a legal requirement?

All companies with over five employees must have a risk assessment in place, by law. Method statements themselves are not explicitly legally required but they are almost universally used in construction, M&E, fire and security, HVAC and other high-risk industries, where everyday activities have the potential to be dangerous. 

A robust, digitised RAMS process can be used as a tool by almost any business to improve efficiency, consistency and compliance, and can boost company health and safety culture.

HandsHQ - an app for RAMS

One of the significant benefits of HandsHQ's RAMS software is the ability for users to streamline workflows while maintaining accuracy and high standards. Risk assessments can be created in minutes, using the expertly curated content library. HandsHQ's comprehensive library of risk assessments and COSHH assessments allow health and safety professionals to easily search for specific hazards and hazardous materials, with thousands of detailed entries available on the database. This extensive resource pool allows users to find and include potential risks in an assessment quickly and accurately, without relying on outdated content from in-house templates.

HandsHQ's risk assessment method statement solution offers robust collaboration features designed with teams in mind. HandsHQ enables seamless communication between team members throughout the creation and signing off of RAMS. This ease of collaboration eliminates problems with version control, and boosts accountability for RAMS across teams, individual employees, visitors and contractors. 

Using RAMS software from HandsHQ helps health and safety professionals to achieve RAMS best practices, ensuring they have access to accurate, up-to-date information when creating RAMS, enhancing compliance with regulatory standards and improving overall efficiency within their organisations. The user-friendly software means that even those with limited IT skills  can quickly generate detailed and accurate RAMS documents, without having to worry about formatting issues or data entry errors.

By streamlining workflows, enabling seamless collaboration between team members and offering an extensive library of industry-specific resources, HandsHQ proves a superior alternative to traditional RAMS best practice. 

HandsHQ’s RAMS software allows organisations to digitise their RAMS process from start to finish. Organisations can create better RAMS in less time using its expertly crafted content library, with [HOW MANY] elements which can be prefilled or edited. The finished document can then be paperlessly distributed, signed and stored. The efficiencies gained from improving the RAMS process with HandsHQ’s software allow organisations to funnel more time into tasks which create competitive advantage, and help to foster a culture of health and safety. Join 1,500 other companies where HandsHQ is playing a pivotal role in ensuring both safety, efficiency and compliance today.

For organisations that may not yet be ready to invest in dedicated software, HandsHQ also offers a downloadable risk assessment template PDF. The RAMS template is designed in line with industry standards, and can serve as the foundation for creating your RAMS documents across high-risk industries. It’s ideal for organisations working in the HVAC, M&E, Events Services and construction sectors - although it is applicable across a whole range of industries! 

Download the template here for free 

While you’re welcome to download our RAMS template, it is essential to remember that using a standalone template will not offer the same level of convenience, updates, and collaborative features available in the software.

Are you ready to establish what best practice for RAMS looks like in your business? Join our live demo to find out how you can create better RAMS in less time