Live demo: Training Register and eLearning 6th December2022

August 3, 2022

October 11, 2022

Marketing Manager

Join our 30-minute live demo on Tuesday 6th December at 12pm and get £200 free eLearning credits!* You will also find out how to ensure your team always has relevant and up-to-date training for the job!

In this live demonstration, we will show how implementing a cloud-based software for your Training Register will benefit your day to day duties and improve business performance. 

Register for our live demo webinar:

How Training Register makes your job easier?

  • Track your company training in one place
  • Stay on top of expiring training
  • Identify training requirements and skills gaps
  • Never send personnel to a job without the necessary training
  • Access training records and certificates on the go
  • Automate the reports to keep everyone informed

If you have any questions, contact our Marketing Executive at ellie@handshq.com

*£200 in eLearning credits (10 credits valued at £20 each) can be claimed by all eligible attendees of the live demo on 28th July 2022. You will also need to follow HandsHQ page on LinkedIn and become an Enterprise customer of HandsHQ Training Register. Only attendees employed by a limited company and registered with a work email address will be eligible.

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