Advanced features to make your business more efficient

Multiple users

Add anyone in your business to your account so they can create and collaborate on projects. Access controls allow you to decide who can do what.

Show yours or everyone's projects

With lots of users, your project dashboard can soon become busy. Simply filter to show only projects you've worked on so you can find the projects relevant to you quickly and easily.

Project history

Everything anyone does on a project is recorded in the project history along with their reason for editing so you know when, and why changes were made, and by who.


Add an approval workflow so designated individuals in your business can accept or reject a project before sending to a client.

Available on custom plans


Every time a change is made to a project, a PDF is saved so you can see a copy of every revision throughout the history of the project.

Available on custom plans

Multiple divisions

Separate your projects and users in to divisions that reflect your business so people only see projects relevant to them.

Available on custom plans

Digital signatures

Have everyone working on your project acknowledge they have read and understood the document with a digital signature. See who has received, seen and signed the document.

Available on custom plans